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Crew Management

Sea Express Ltd. (SEL) is a ship crewing company registered and incorporated in Department of Shipping, Bangladesh. Sea Express Ltd. (SEL) recruits, researches and supplies personnel to the marine industry. Our policy is to be recognized as one of the leading regional suppliers of the highest quality crew support services.
Sea Express Ltd. (SEL) is very pleased to offer professional crewing services to the marine industry which includes crew recruitment, payroll and travel support services.
Sea Express Ltd. (SEL) provides knowledgeable and trained crew members who are experienced in the management and operation of arctic research, survey, fishing and offshore support vessels, and who are dedicated to their safe operation. Sea Express Ltd. (SEL) maintains a detailed database of qualified crew.
We have multinational in-house crew from India, Srilanka, Philippines, China, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

We can deliver following services to our clients:

  1. Manning the vessels
  2. Planning and arranging crew changes, sign on & sign off formalities at the port even at the sea
  3. Arranging visas/mission/seaman/transit visa
  4. All necessary (immigration) documentation (OK to Board, Guarantee letters, Invitation letters)
  5. Arranging flights, accommodation and transportation
  6. Arranging medical as per the requirement of the client
  7. Local Training as per the requirement of the client
  8. Crew insurance
  9. Working clothes
  10. Complete payroll services
  11. Personal service, 24/7 responsiveness.

Whether you need, we have a low-cost recruitment service for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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