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Our Sister Concern Express Visa Network ( offers World Wide Education & Visa Solution for Marine Education. Express Visa Network is promised to maintain a high level of professionalism in our service. It is particularly mindful to present a transparent procedure before our clients. It follows a clear set of procedures so that everyone is served with consistency. It provides a bundle of services to students aiming to go abroad for higher marine studies.

Our counselors have many years of counseling experience behind them and we also have built a rich pool of information by constantly adding feedback from students studying abroad. When a prospective student comes to us, our counselors first gather necessary information regarding educational background and future aspirations. They brief the student about general patterns in overseas education. Then counselors present a wide choice of options before the student and help him understand what different choices entail. Students then take some time to think over about choices available to them. After that, counselors help students to make a shortlist of probable destinations through intelligent choices. All these services are given to students free of cost. We specialized in Admission & Higher Education in
New Zealand

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